Wirecard: American fast exit

Wirecard’s voting rights notifications are always exciting. Bank of America has managed to reduce its stake in the DAX Group almost to zero in order to build up strong positions shortly thereafter. Morgan Stanley has always been at a higher level. But this is changing these days.

On June 24, the Americans will increase their stake in Wirecard. Until then, the figure had been 9.6 percent, and the share rose to 9.87 percent on the reporting date. 0.86 percent (previously: 0.19 percent) of shares, 9.0 percent (previously: 9.41 percent) of instruments.

On June 25, Morgan Stanley then significantly reduced its involvement in Wirecard. That day you still hold 3.49 percent of Wirecard. The number of shares declined from 0.86 percent to 0.03 percent. That corresponds to around 32,500 papers. The instruments are down from 9.0 percent to 3.47 percent.

The instruments include a retransfer claim from a securities loan (1.94 percent), an equity swap (0.58 percent) and a compound option (0.95 percent).


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