Vega food in the greenhouse: Artis opens De Serre

From now on, visitors can go to the new Artis restaurant De Serre for a snack and a drink. The restaurant is housed in a greenhouse filled with and surrounded by colorful flowers and plants, the menu offers botanical dishes.

The terrace of De Serre (photo) overlooks the enclosure of the African penguins.

Botanical menu
The restaurant has a botanically themed menu and is 100% vegetarian and partly vegan. In the range of catering establishments in Artis, fewer and fewer animal products can be found; De Serre is the first restaurant in Artis to be completely vegetarian. The menu includes gazpacho, pita pulled oats, grilled eggplant, nachos and banana bread. In addition, homemade lemonades, mojitos, botanical beers and orange blossom spritz are also available. Take a look at De Serre to discover the full menu.

Artis evening walk
During the Artis Evening Walk, De Serre is also open to collect food and drinks. This way you can have a bite to eat while you listen to the Evening Walk, so you don’t miss anything. The Evening Walk can be run every Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 9 July 2020. For more information, visit
(PvWK, source: Artis)


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