The search for the lost legacy

Information about accounts and deposits can be lost after an investor’s death.
Picture: dpa

Billions of euros are slumbering in bank accounts and deposits of deceased investors. Politicians finally want to ensure more transparency – but this could spark new desires. What do the suggestions for heirs bring?

SImagine that you have inherited and know nothing about it. Again and again it happens that investors die and have not left their relatives with information about assets. Sometimes this is due to the fact that money was deliberately hidden from the spouse or the authorities until the very end, and therefore inevitably remains missing even after the owner’s death.

Since the triumphal march of practical online custody accounts and online accounts, there is also the fact that investors hardly collect any documents relating to their virtual bank accounts. As a result, survivors find less and less traces of the assets stored on the net in inheritances. The federal state of Lower Saxony therefore introduced a draft law to the Bundestag on Friday, which, among other things, provides for the creation of a website with information for unknown heirs. The draft will now first be discussed in the specialist committees of the Bundestag.


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