Nanofocus expects another year with losses

Nanofocus released figures for the 2019 financial year on Wednesday. The company from Oberhausen reports a drop in sales from 11.28 million euros to 10.21 million euros. On an EBITDA basis, the company was able to reduce its operating loss from EUR 0.91 million to EUR 0.65 million. The bottom line is that the loss will decrease from EUR 2.76 million to EUR 1.84 million.

“The development was in line with the forecast adjusted in December 2019. The expected business growth due to the sales cooperation and the semiconductor area failed to materialize. There was a focus on core competencies and further cost savings, ”said Nanofocus. The consequences of the corona pandemic make it difficult to forecast 2020. Nanofocus anticipates a 10 percent decline in sales and anticipates a negative EBITDA and EBIT margin.

The company responds to the crisis with a xxx. The corona pandemic is exacerbating the already tense economic situation, says Michael Hauptmannl, sole director of the company. “In this difficult time, it is important to secure the company’s liquidity. With Carl Mahr GmbH, we have a strong partner for this, ”says the manager. The majority shareholder had loaned Nanofocus EUR 3 million in the first half of last year. On the one hand, bonds of over 2 million euros could be redeemed. On the other hand, the company can call up the remaining amount in four tranches of EUR 0.25 million each.

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