CoolBest now also in ice form

CoolBest, known for its chilled fresh fruit juices, completes its range with an entirely new and ice-cold product: CoolBest Ice Cream. Strawberry Hill and Mango Dream, two popular and signature flavors of the brand, are now also available as ice cream.

The product was created in collaboration with Smart Ice and FrioFood and was developed according to the CoolBest principles: no added sugars and 100% fruit.

This is the first ice cream product to be launched by the brand. They are entering a completely new category for them. The product is the result of a successful collaboration between CoolBest, Smart Ice and FrioFood.

‘CoolBest is doing well and we thought it was time for something new. We looked for a product that fits our brand and where we could put all the good things about our current products. That is how we came up with the idea to develop ice. How cool do you want it? This year we start with two flavors, but we definitely want to expand that next year. We are very curious about the reactions! ‘Says Tim van der Hulst, Marketing Manager at CoolBest.

CoolBest Ice Cream is sold per four pieces and is located in the cooling compartment of every Jumbo and Nettorama and also in the larger Albert Heijn stores.


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