Amazon remains strongest brand

Before the pandemic broke out, the total brand value of the Top 100 looked set to grow by 9%. Despite COVID-19, the Top 100 saw total brand value increase by 5.9%. The total brand value of the Top 100 is now topping $ 5 trillion.

Amazon remains the world’s most valuable brand

The Top 100 has shown a lot more resilience and stability during the current crisis than during the 2008 crisis. The brands grew by $ 227 billion in brand value last year. Amazon has remained the world’s most valuable brand, growing by 32% ($ 100 billion) this year to $ 415.9 billion. Amazon therefore accounts for as much as a third of the brand growth of the Top 100.

Tech brands dominate ranking

Tech brands continue to dominate the ranking. Not only did they grow by 10% in brand value, but together they also account for more than a third (37%) of the total brand value of the Top 100. Like last year, Apple ranks second in the Top 100 (+ 14%) ). Microsoft retook third place (+ 30%), thanks to the success of MS Teams and Office 365 as useful tools for working from home. Google ranks fourth, not least because companies worked a lot in the Cloud during the lockdown.

Many Chinese brands in the Top 100

More than half of the Top 100 are American brands, and a quarter of the brands are Asian. We find 17 Chinese brands in the list. Alibaba (+ 16%, No. 6) is the most valuable Chinese brand, followed closely by Internet giant Tencent (+ 15%, No. 7).

The Dutch touch to BrandZ

In the Top 100 dominated by America and Asian countries, we find Shell in position 83. Shell also leads the category “Energy”. Heineken is not in the Top 100 this year, but it did reach number 2 in the “Bear” category. ING ranks eighth in the “Global Banks” category.

Innovative and creative brands are doing better

This year, we also saw in the BrandZ Top 100 that innovation and creativity for brands is very important as people spend more time online.

Those who have young children at home will understand why TikTok is the highest newcomer at 79.

Retail sector is growing fastest, media brands are also doing well

The retail sector grew fastest in brand value this year (21%). Thanks to the major players in e-commerce who showed themselves both innovative and agile during the corona crisis, such as Amazon, Alibaba and JD (+ 24%, no. 52). But Walmart (+ 24%, no. 27), which has recently invested heavily in e-commerce, is also doing well.

In the Top 20 biggest climbers we also see many brands in the media and entertainment industry. Netflix (+ 34%) rose eight places to 26. Instagram was the biggest riser last year and rose another 15 places to 29 this year. LinkedIn (+ 31%, no. 43) and Xbox (+ 18%, no. 65) also rose strongly in the Top 100.

A few more important trends from the BrandZ global Top 100:

Five new arrivals in the Top 100:

o TikTok (No. 79)

o UnitedHealthcare (No. 86)

o Bank of China (No. 97)

o Lancôme (No. 98)

o Pepsi (No. 99).

MasterCard will reach the Top 10 for the first time this year and will finish in 9th place.

• Sustainability is the new luxury – Younger consumers expect luxury, but made of sustainable materials and with less packaging. Four luxury brands made the Top 100 this year.

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