Nokia: Only Amazon is rated higher

As part of an industry study, the analysts at Nord LB also analyze Nokia papers. There is a buy recommendation for the shares from Finland. The target price for the Nokia shares is 4.80 euros.

The analysis is part of an industry study on technology stocks. The experts rated the entire sector as “neutral” as before. The pandemic affected the individual values ​​very differently. Digitization is advancing, on the other hand, the demand for smartphones is declining. The 5G expansion, however, provides impulses.

At Nokia, the analysts expect earnings per share of EUR 0.07 in 2020. They do not expect a dividend. The KGV 2020e stands at 58.0. Only Amazon at 195 has a higher rating within the study. The Amazon share receives a hold recommendation in the study.

Nokia shares today lose 0.4 percent to € 3,964.

At a glance – chart and news: Nokia

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