Bitcoin (BTC) July 4, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $ 9,075 USD today, July 4, 2020, at the time of writing, with a day slightly in the red. Bitcoin will not gain independence from the financial markets on this Independence Day: it is still glued to the $ 9,000 level, a context that does not prevent the issuance of bullish forecasts. And it’s a gold philosopher who teaches us today an unusual lesson about Bitcoin, or more precisely why you should avoid Bitcoin.

USD 16,000 announced in a bearish context

Michael van de Poppe tweeted today, predicting a Bitcoin to 16,000 USD once it reaches 10,500 USD.

Van de Poppe publish this optimistic forecast, while Bitcoin fell to the 9,000 USD level at the end of this week, even allowing a foray into the 8,000 USD zone.

The bears seem to have more strength than the bulls, which can no longer even attack the USD 9,200 – USD 9,300.

Unless a reversal is still possible, Bitcoin is about to close this trading week slightly in the red or with a doji.

I only know one thing: and this is gold!

Peter schiff reacted to attacks on him, explaining to a twitto why he is staying away from Bitcoin, despite all the bitcoiners’ arguments.

Schiff said he is staying away from Bitcoin because he understands gold and BTC, and it’s for this same reason that he only holds gold.

Peter schiff is therefore not an ignorant to educate but, an enlightened convinced exhausted Bitcoin against all odds.

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + v: we are entitled to a quasi copy / paste of daily and weekly BTC fluctuations for a certain time. Will the Whales go out, just to splash the markets a bit? The 10 500 USD is often announced lately but, one must remain cautious as for the optimism of certain bitcoiners. It would already be necessary to leave this floor of cows, or rather bears, at the level of 9,000 USD, before hoping to ride a more powerful bull.


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