Millions for Erivan Haub’s collectibles

Es is the most spectacular sale of postage stamps in a long time. A network of auction houses around the world is currently auctioning off the stamp collection of the late billionaire and Tengelmann entrepreneur Erivan Haub. 30 auctions in Wiesbaden, Stockholm, Zurich and New York are scheduled to bring the 8000 partly very valuable brands from 70 albums to new owners. These albums together take up about ten running meters of shelf space. The auction marathon started about a year ago. Now 2400 of the 8000 stamps have been sold – but the sale of mammoth stamps is far from over.

“In some cases, twice what Erivan Haub paid for the stamps many years ago was achieved,” says Dieter Michelson from the Heinrich Köhler auction house in Wiesbaden, the German representative in the auction house network, which is also the oldest stamp auction house in Germany . It was founded in 1913. Individual stamps went for more than a million euros, some for several hundred thousand. Even though collecting stamps is not as popular among young people today as it was in the 60s or 70s and the old collectors are becoming fewer and fewer, special rarities among stamps are obviously still in demand internationally.

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