3U Holding separates from areas and buildings at the Adelebsen location

3U Holding sells the externally rented parts of the Adelebsen property, including the standing buildings. A corresponding contract was signed yesterday. The part of the area that is exclusively occupied by a solar park remains with the company. In addition, 3U continues to operate the solar park, announced Wednesday. The roof areas will be rented back for this.

3U Holding will receive 5 million euros in cash from the sale. In addition, the sale made a profit of 1.5 million euros, according to the Marburg company.

“Our strategic focus is and will remain cloud computing and online trading,” emphasizes Michael Schmidt, the spokesman for the board of 3U Holding AG. “Focusing on these priorities means that we separate ourselves from non-core activities, insofar as we can achieve value increases for our shareholders,” said the manager.
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