Wirecard stock continues on rollercoaster ride – raid and sell-off are the latest news

In view of the balance sheet scandal, some have already wondered when the investigative authorities will appear again at Wirecard. Today is the day: Since morning, the authorities have been searching the offices of the insolvent payment service provider on behalf of the responsible Munich public prosecutor, who is shaken by a balance sheet scandal. The raid extends to several locations of the DAX-listed company, including IT experts.

The searches are part of the investigation, especially against former members of the company’s board, who are accused of market manipulation, among other things. Last had Wirecard must concede that alleged trust assets of 1.9 billion euros do not exist and the group’s auditors, EY, are now hiring the company’s entire third-party business in question. Wirecard had filed for bankruptcy a few days ago due to over-indebtedness and impending insolvency, we reported.

The big gamble with Wirecard shares continues on the stock exchange today. After rising from a crash low of EUR 1.08 on Friday last week to a peak of EUR 9.199 yesterday, the high-risk traders can hardly be stopped today by the XETRA disruption on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In the morning, Wirecard’s share price on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange fluctuates between EUR 5.50 and EUR 8.50, which is currently still in the DAX-listed paper at EUR 5.785 at 9.61 percent – thus the insolvent group is still more than 700 million euros valued.

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