Jumbo launches Foodcoach app for a wide audience

In recent years, Jumbo developed, in close collaboration with the A selection of football club PSV performance staff and athletes of Team Jumbo-Visma and leading movement, nutrition and behavioral scientists use the Jumbo Foodcoach app. That app, which has already proven to improve the performance of professional athletes, is now being introduced among avid amateurs. In the coming year, the Food Coach will be rolled out more widely to the general public.

Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd, CCO at Jumbo, explains Marketing Stand: ‘With Jumbo Foodcoach we make the connection between good personalized nutrition and better performance. We started with that belief a few years ago. Initially for the top athletes of Team Jumbo-Visma. That produced a fantastic result that we are very proud of. We now take everything we have learned into making the app available to the avid cyclist and soon also to the rest of our customers. We want to help more and more people to choose a healthier lifestyle. This app shows that making healthy choices doesn’t have to be complicated. ‘

Launch starts with campaign for avid cyclists
How do you gradually roll out the Foodcoach app, first for all avid cyclists and then for the whole of the Netherlands? Jumbo asked that question to her advertising agency Alfred. The agency developed a launch plan under the motto ‘Make a sport of good food“. Edward van de Ridder, head of strategy at Alfred: ‘We decided to make maximum use of the riders of Team Jumbo-Visma to get the cyclophanatics group enthusiastic. This group is performance-oriented, so the introduction campaign revolves around the insight: “Performing as… starts with eating as…”. From that concept, the target group in online videos, social advertising and display is made aware that Tom, Dylan, Wout, Primoz and Robert also use this app to improve their performance. “

The Foodcoach launch movie can be seen here.

Content partnership with Team Jumbo-Visma and Eurosport
In the weeks before the launch, the target group was gradually made enthusiastic about the app, in close collaboration with Team Jumbo-Visma. For this, Alfred made a series of vlogs about cycling madman Filemon Wesselink, in which he aims to be fit in 6 weeks for one of the steepest mountains in Europe, the Angliru. With the help of the team leader, the trainer, the performance chef and riders like Robert Gesink, we see how Filemon battles this terrible mountain and the corona kilos. These vlogs are distributed via the online channels of Team Jumbo-Visma and the social channels of riders and other members of the team. To conclude, a mini-documentary will be made, which will be broadcast and streamed by Eurosport just like the vlogs.

The mini documentary about Philemon’s challenge can be found here.

Micro-targeting and content partnerships
A micro-targeted campaign plan was drawn up in collaboration with media agency UM. The challenge was not to reach the cycling enthusiasts, but the active cyclist. This was successful via YouTube, Pinterest and Marktplaats, among others. In addition to advertising, a collaboration was also set up with the main platforms for avid cyclists. For example, there was a Food Coach challenge on Strava, a podcast with sports director Merijn Zeeman at De Rode Lantaarn with a guest appearance by Filemon and an interview with the Performance Chef of Team Jumbo-Visma on

Responsible at Jumbo: Tom Verwijst, Noortje Geerts and Robert Jan Koens
Responsible at Team Jumbo-Visma: Jasper Saeijs
Strategy, creation and production: Alfred International
Media: UM

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