EcoGraf: Material tests in Germany indicate good suitability for Li-ion batteries

EcoGraf (ASX: EGR; FRA: FMK) has successfully tested the electrochemical properties of his preferred battery raw material. The analysis was part of a benchmarking program for the planned EcoGraf battery graphite plant in Kwinana, Western Australia.

The electrochemical test work was performed to determine the electrochemical performance of each starting material. The test work was carried out in a leading German research institute, which supports the major battery manufacturers and manufacturers of electric vehicles. Each spherical graphite (SpG15) product sample was configured and tested under identical conditions, including the same composition of electrodes, cell configuration and electrolytes.

One of the key findings is that the raw materials have different levels of performance. Some raw material sources give better results under certain conditions, which offers the opportunity to improve the performance of the product material. Product sales could be increased by mixing sources of origin by coordinating the respective electrochemical performance.
The demand for a diversified and responsibly produced battery graphite is increasing due to the leading customers of the supply chain in Europe, Northeast Asia and the USA. Battery graphite products from EcoGrafTM position themselves as the leading supply alternative to the existing supply from China.

The company has made good progress with customer orders, which is underlined by the recently concluded agreement with the German group of companies Thyssenkrupp Material Trading. This long-term commercial agreement to purchase the company’s battery graphite products is a milestone.

The company is currently testing additional raw materials for a number of customers and will also evaluate Australian graphite deposits to support the local raw materials industry.

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