bvA wants clarity and commitment from Facebook

It is important for advertisers that Facebook is a safe platform, so that the environment in which their brands are shown to consumers is safe and reliable.

Insight into what Facebook actually does and will do is necessary to enable advertisers to make a choice whether or not to (continue to) advertise on Facebook.


Facebook briefly explained what actions the company is already taking to remove hate speech from its platform. bvA believes that Facebook should provide more insight into this and has requested Facebook to organize a meeting with the bvA board and a number of its members. During this deep dive, Facebook’s measures and plans can be discussed in detail and advertisers can ask their questions to Facebook. Facebook has pledged to organize this meeting together with bvA in the short term.

Commitment for self-regulation

In addition, BVA has urged Facebook to become part of European and Dutch self-regulation. bvA is one of the founders of the Advertising Code Foundation, the independent Dutch organization for self-regulation. In it, all stakeholders in the advertising industry agree on codes of conduct that contribute to confidence in media and advertising and ensure that media channels provide a safe environment for brands and consumers. By taking responsibility, participants make Freedom or commercial speech possible.

bvA states that in a time where 50% of the ad spend is digital, it cannot be the case that such a large digital player as Facebook is missing. By participating in self-regulation, Facebook demonstrates its commitment to actually take responsibility for the safety and reliability of its platform. Facebook has pledged to investigate this possibility further.


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