Sporttotal: Unpleasant news on the 2019 balance sheet

Already on April 22, Cologne-based Sporttotal AG announced a postponement of the balance sheet for 2019. More than two months ago it was said that the annual report should be submitted by June 30 at the latest. The day before, according to a message from the company, it becomes clear that nothing will happen. Once again the company has to postpone the balance sheet date and is responsible for the same reasons as in April. “Due to persistent bottlenecks in the area of ​​finance and delayed audit procedures, among other things resulting from the corona pandemic,” the balance sheet template continues to shift, the company said.

Unsightly: It is not just a few days that shareholders now have to wait for the annual financial statements for 2019, but several weeks. Shareholders must now be patient until August 14th. The 2019 annual report should then be submitted at the latest. There is no reason on the part of the company why a renewed delay of several weeks only becomes noticeable one day before the previously mentioned publication date.

There are also no new statements from Cologne on the forecast for 2019. Sporttotal’s forecast for 2019 is still confirmed in April, based on preliminary data already available. Sales should range between EUR 37 million and EUR 39 million, and a loss of between EUR 12 million and EUR 13 million is expected before interest and taxes.

At a glance – chart and news: Sporttotal AG


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