Hema and Bijenkorf pioneer with Dynamic Ads on Snapchat

Adidas also used DPA in several countries, including the Netherlands.

With Dynamic Ads, advertisers create real-time ads based on a product catalog. This catalog can contain hundreds of thousands of products for different international markets. An advertiser selects the desired audience and then Snap builds the ads in real time, Snap explains. If the product range in the catalog or shop changes, for example by adjusting the price or availability, the advertisement will change automatically.

‘This allows brands to show their products and services to consumers in a professional manner and in very easily customizable ad formats. Advertisers, by using DPA, a freely accessible feature, not only save a lot of time in the creative process, but also make management a lot easier. With DPA brands can measure efficiently always-on run campaigns. Snap works together with an ecosystem of partners, including 4C and ‘

More sales through e-commerce
In order to be able to meet consumer demand during the corona crisis, many brands have focused on (more) sales via e-commerce. The Covid-19 Barometer by research agency Kantar shows that one in three households worldwide makes more purchases online. In the Netherlands, 27 percent of respondents say that. In addition, 33 percent of households expect to make more online purchases in the future. De Hema was one of the first advertisers in the Netherlands to participate in the DPA beta test.

We note seven responses on behalf of those involved:

Daniel Franco, online channels & media buying manager at Hema: ‘Snap’s e-commerce approach, combined with the Gen-Z audience, fits very well with our e-commerce strategy. DPA gives us the ability to reach Snapchatters with relevant, high-quality, performance-based ads throughout the customer journey. In the coming months, we will invest in performance-based campaigns to see how Snapchat can contribute to our KPIs, such as traffic, revenue and Return on Advertising Spend. ”

Jorrit de Groot, head of online traffic & trading at de Bijenkorf: ‘At de Bijenkorf, we always look for effective ways to get in touch with relevant target groups with our target group. Gen-Z is an important audience for us and during the lockdown period we looked for a way to get through the noise and increase efficiency. Dynamic Ads allows us to send personalized ads to our customers on a large scale. So far, we have seen impressive results leading to qualitative interactions with Gen-Z customers. We plan to continue testing and optimizing with Dynamic Ads and further expand our relationship with Snap. ”

Roy Van Damme, head of social at Greenhouse: ‘Our close collaboration with Snap provides a hugely positive experience for our customers, including De Bijenkorf. Snapchat DPA now has the ability to reach the Millennials and Gen Z target audience with a broad catalog of products, at scale. The long-term cooperation with makes it possible to further adapt these Dynamic templates, so that they also contain the stylish product shots and brand elements of the customer. Resulting in a more authentic brand experience and increased ROI. ‘

Rob Seidu, senior director of media activation Europe on behalf of Adidas: “In the face of the corona crisis, adidas has accelerated its digital operations. Since e-commerce is one of the focus areas for 2020 and beyond, we are happy to beta test Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Within weeks we saw a 52 percent growth in ROAS, then we increased our investments. The introduction of DPA enables us to reach our target groups within Gen-Z and Millennials with creative product ads throughout the customer journey. ”

Joost Hagesteijn, director of the Netherlands at Snap: ‘As a result of COVID-19 and the lockdown, many companies have shifted their focus from offline to e-commerce. During the test period, we achieved very positive results for our advertisers with Dynamic Ads. This successful pilot has resulted in several requests for participation. We are therefore very pleased that our Dynamic Ads feature is widely embraced in the market and is already being used by a large part of our advertising partners. ‘

Anupam Gupta, chief product officer of 4C, said: “We are pleased to partner with Snap and leverage their performance tools for marketers by offering DPA through 4C’s Scope platform. Snap is always cutting edge In the area of ​​user experience and now that the boundaries between commerce and digital advertising are blurring, Snap is rapidly adapting to the new customer behavior. We look forward to further partnering with Snap and ways we can deliver commercially-oriented solutions to advertisers. ”

Tuomo Riekki, chief product officer and co-founder of “By partnering with Snap, we help our customers take advantage of Snapchat’s innovative capabilities. As brands try to offer previously offline activities through e-commerce, this new feature will help companies tailor their shopping and browsing experience to customer preferences and real-time product availability. Many of our customers use Dynamic Ads on other social channels and can’t wait to extend their investment to Snapchat. ”
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