Elon Musk accidentally causes millions of dollars to be lost in Bitcoin – Cryptocurrencies

Crou-crou-crou: it is beautiful and very fat this pigeon, the favorite pet of scammers. Just make them glimpse a few free Bitcoin seeds (BTC), so that they voluntarily enter the cage. Especially when they are made to believe that these seeds are supplied by SpaceX and Elon Musk in person.

3, 2, 1… scam!

Scammers love to use the name SpaceX and its founder, Elon Musk, to do their dirty work. Their latest find? Use the video of an interview withElon Musk when launching SpaceX, in collaboration with the NASA, to pluck some pigeons.

The video url then redirects to a website with the headline ” SpaceX Foundation 5,000 Bitcoin Giveaway Airdrop

The crooks dangle the possibility of receiving up to twice the value of the donation for the foundation: for a contribution of 5 BTC, you can get 10 BTC, 25% bonus extra.

It is enough for chubby pigeons to send between 0.1 to 20 BTC, to the official contribution address.

The weapon of scam

The site even has terms and conditions of use, indicating that the promotion is open to everyone, regardless of their country of origin.

Each participant can only contribute once. In case of errors encountered during the transaction, the site indicates that there is no risk to try again a second time since the first payment would then be returned.

Scams of this type often refer to famous public figures to establish their credibility: the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Virgin, Richard Branson, or Bill gates.

Many complaints have been made to Google but, these videos reappear at regular intervals on Youtube.

Ripple (XRP) and its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, had dragged Youtube in court, on a crypto scam fund.

Scams with sauce Bitcoin giveaways, are more and more numerous. You have been warned!

A Bitcoin giveaway organized by Satoshi Nakamoto in person: and many people will continue to fall into the trap. Scammers certainly take advantage of the power and inability of Google or YouTube to moderate all the content published there: but, they fatten themselves especially on the back of gullible pigeons, ready to peck everything for the promise of some cryptos free.


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