DONNER & REUSCHEL – Technical Analysis DAX 30 (daily): No euphoria but stability

The 200-day line The expected important indicator remains in the DAX 30. Despite the current mixed situation, support is still available today various trend following indicators.

Furthermore, there are no signs of a “crash scenario”.

Be fundamental today Labor market numbers expected from Germany and the USA. Just like that ISM purchasing manager index these are forecast to be pleasing.

Thus, the DAX 30 beckons for today from both the technical and the macro-economic side Tailwind .

However, large jumps are still not to be expected. At 12,471 A gap is already lurking. The trend following indicators (MACD, IKH) run neutral. The short-term slow stochastics signals a buy signal analogous to yesterday.

The Upper Bollinger Band continues to provide a medium-term range up to around 12,900 Index points. The middle Bollinger band runs along 12,328.

All chart and market technical indicators still speak for one Continuation of the overall sideways trend. Declines in prices have been used repeatedly in the past few weeks and offered good entry opportunities.

The sword of Damocles “Second corona wave” must not be wiped away. Therefore, the DAX 30 should Hedges in the range 11,968 to 11,828 depending on the start and individual risk perception.

The DAX 30 is further flanked by uncertainty and nervousness.

The supports therefore offer good directional marks and cornerstones 11,968 and 11,828. The signs are not on “crash” … but also not on escalating short-term price increases.

Today’s Daily bandwidth runs at: 12,471 to 12,156.


  • 200-day line still pointing the way
  • Daily bandwidth: 12.471 – 12.156 (200-day line)

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