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The Chinese BSN (Blockchain Service Network) was recently launched at the initiative of the Chinese State Information Center in cooperation with China Mobile, China Unionpay and also Red Date Technologies. One of its goals is to build an infrastructure that will gradually lower access barriers to blockchain technologies. According to a press release dated June 23, the BSN will now integrate the oracle function of Chainlink into its network. The latter was notably chosen for the dynamism of his community and the competence of his technical team.

SNZ Pool in charge of node infrastructure development

It’s up to the professional operator SNZpool that the charge of the nodes which has been entrusted allow the free flow of verified information transmitted by Chainlink. The integration will be done via the inter-chain service center of theIRITA, a blockchain product of the consortium.

This mechanism will allow the BSN network to receive off-chain external data through Chainlink’s Oracle service. Once activated, developers can easily create different applications on the platform while being sure to trigger information. A test to demonstrate the benefits of this infrastructure is planned with the construction of a soon functional prototype.

Sergey Nazarov -cofounder of Chainlink– said this: “We are delighted to contribute to BSN’s global infrastructure project by providing secure and reliable services. By connecting BSN applications to real world data, smart contracts can bring new levels of automation and confidence in global agreements.

For his part Xiang DaiDeputy Secretary of the BSN Development Association – estimate that : “ this integration will transform blockchain applications and promote further growth of the BSN ecosystem in China and around the world

Interoperability for all DApps

Yifan He, CEO of Red Date Technology and co-founder of BSN has indeed stated that “One of the main goals of BSN is to provide interoperability to all DApps, whether intended for authorized channels or for public channels He goes on to say that: “ On BSN, each Dapp should be able to interact with any other in a very practical and inexpensive way “. It is estimated that running a DApp from the BSN will cost between $ 150 and $ 300 each year.

This is therefore a boon for companies wishing to do business in China. Apart from the connection nodes distributed in 128 Chinese cities, it is planned to connect seven other regions outside the country. Otherwise, Integration of Chainlink’s Oracle Service Will Provide BSN Users with Reliability, Interoperability, and Additional Security.

Until all of these objectives are reached, the first benefits of this partnership with the Chinese BSN are already visible since Chainlink recorded in the wake of the announcement of gains up by almost 12%.

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