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The Bitcoin logo and name have always been used for years in various contexts without anyone having ever had to justify it. This will no longer be possible in Spain, at least in some cases, due to the request submitted (and accepted) by a local BTC seller. This seller, whose identity has not been filtered, has in fact registered the two attributes with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. While remaining anonymous, the latter entrusted to Cointelegraph the reasons which motivated its action. Back on this interview.

Protect Bitcoin nationally

To carry out this process, the interested party notably hired the services ofIgnacio Rubio Rubio Menéndez, a Spanish lawyer specializing in business law and compliance expert. It was the latter who therefore applied on his behalf for registration of the mark with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. “I now have the logo and the word” bitcoin “registered in my name nationally at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Anyone can access them because they are published daily and for all audiences ” explains the seller at the outset.


He will then try to explain the reasons that led him to take this initiative which seems pretentious to say the least. The person concerned begins by recalling that he was a bitcoin seller with a buying and selling office before justifying his act by the will of “Protect bitcoin “, at least in Spain. He claims to defend the brand and assumes “The responsibility of ensuring that every new user feels 100% safe and safe from scams that designate and use “bitcoin” by working with him. This one had to be dared.

No intention of impersonating Satoshi Nakamoto

If many could see it a roundabout way of appropriating the work of the creator of bitcoin, our bitcoin seller assures us that this is absolutely not the case. I am not a false Satoshi ; I have just registered the ownership and the legitimate use of the logo and the word. If someone misuses it, I will defend ithammers the interested party.

His only motivation would therefore be to protect people who reside in Spain from scammers. So, if an ill-intentioned individual deceives clients on behalf of bitcoin, he can sue them for trademark violation and misuse of the logo without permission.

At first glance, the intentions of this Spanish BTC seller seem laudable if we are to believe these words. However, one might wonder if such a measure was necessary to protect as it claims its activity and more broadly the “reputation” of Bitcoin. If everyone agrees that part of the strength of Bitcoin lies precisely in the impossibility for anyone to grab it, the motivations of our anonymous of the day remain cloudy. All that remains is to hope that this is not the beginning of a soap opera at the Craig Steven Wright aka “Faketoshi”.

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