Working from home: really not!

But much more important: there are no colleagues at home. A company is more than single employees and if everyone is doing their things as an isolated worker bee at home, you miss all the added value of working together and collaborating.

Because I think you really flourish because of the corporate culture. These are your colleagues, but also the management and their vision and management style, the coffee moments, the company outings, the mutual fun, the short and long consultations, keeping each other sharp and supporting.

These factors not only make the work more fun, but also provide much better performance.

I am not suitable for working from home. In this corona crisis, I struggled to work from home for two weeks, then I took the car and drove back to our office. I really seem to function many times better with a good separation between work and private life. It was also nice and empty on the road and that even made commuting pleasant.

That is my opinion, my experience and my world.

The “real” world is not so black and white. Working alone at the office or just working at home is rarely ideal. Those who need to complete an important project plan may be better off with a day at home concentrating. And that brainstrom about a new product will probably yield more if you sit around the table for a day than in a video meeting.

So it is looking for the balance and ways to stimulate collaboration, both virtual and live.


At Pegamento we have an app (Apptime) in which we make it easier to be a bit at work remotely. For example, all contact information from colleagues and it is easy to see whether they are available for a question or a chat. Intranet news and information. An agenda with an overview of projects, tasks and appointments. Scheduled services can exchange or ask for extra hours. I can submit expense claims, view paychecks, or even participate in a satisfaction survey or short poll.
And as fun and easy as that is, in the end you are done with that virtual thing and you want to look each other in the eye again. You’re not going to just keep swiping and chatting on Tinder – the encounter, that’s what it’s about.

Back to the office

Of course, I have an easy talk with that back to the office – we have the luxury of a nice, spacious office where keeping a distance is clear. With us no arrows, walking routes and taped workplaces.

But of course that does not apply to every organization and how do you ensure that coming to the office becomes a realistic and workable option again? Walkways, bottles of disinfectant, extra cleaning and work and meeting places with the correct mutual distance can be arranged.

But how do you ensure that everyone knows how much a meter and a half is and also keeps that distance in mutual contact?

We get creative from those kinds of questions and now there is the Novick. No hassle with an app, privacy and monitoring government. But a simple device that everyone hangs around their neck and that gives a light signal if the distance between them is less than one and a half meters. It works with bluetooth and infrared and we have developed and produced it completely ourselves.

And we figured it out while we were in the office together – because that works wonders for creativity.

Would you like to know more about these topics or share your own opinion about working from home with me?

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