CSU politician campaigns to “receive Wirecard”

I.In the CSU, the first voices are voiced, which are campaigning to receive the payment processor Wirecard, which slipped into bankruptcy in the wake of a balance sheet scandal. “We should check whether there is a way at Wirecard to keep the company,” said the deputy chairman of the CSU regional group, Hans Michelbach, of the F.A.Z.

One had to think about a continuation and a fallback solution. The financial politician warned that the same mistake should not be made as at Hypovereinsbank. The once Bavarian institute is now part of the Italian major bank Unicredit.

Harsh criticism of the Bafin

In order to solve the balance sheet scandal surrounding Wirecard, the opposition in the Bundestag meanwhile brings an investigation committee into play. Politicians from the FDP and the Left Party expressed themselves accordingly, while the Greens requested a current hour in the Bundestag on the financial services provider’s balance sheet scandal.

The FDP politician Frank Schäffler called the events surrounding Wirecard scandalous: Apparently, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin), which reports to the Ministry of Finance, always has problems when it comes to complex issues relating to the financial location.

Schäffler, who sits on the Bafin Board of Directors, has requested a report from Jörg Kukies, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Finance State Secretary. He said: “A committee of inquiry of the Bundestag is also conceivable to clarify the background.”

According to the Greens politician Britta Haßelmann, the ministers for finance and economics, Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Peter Altmaier (CDU), are responsible for declaring the actions of their subordinate authorities to parliament and the public. “It is completely incomprehensible, for example, because in light of the allegations that have been with Wirecard for a long time, Bafin did not take action itself earlier,” said the managing director of the parliament.

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To detailed view

Haßelmann added: “One thing is clear: after a comprehensive error analysis, the Bafin needs to be restarted so that supervision of the digital financial market can succeed.” The impression that it was either lacking in the willingness to provide information or that the right staff was not available at all .

Wirecard filed for bankruptcy after $ 1.9 billion in cash, which was said to be in Asian bank accounts, could not be found. Bafin President Felix Hufeld is expected before the Bundestag Finance Committee on Wednesday. Left party faction vice Fabio De Masi demanded that no stone should be left unturned in financial supervision.

Regardless of whether the policy helps Wirecard or not, according to the F.A.Z. first prospective buyers appeared – private investors and private equity funds, but also the competitor Worldline. The French payment service provider had already bought its competitor Ingenico in France for almost eight billion euros earlier this year. The merger has made the two French companies the largest provider in Europe.

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