Ballard Power Share: What a weekly start… – Chart analysis

And the rally continues with the fuel cell and hydrogen shares – including the Ballard Power share. There is also a strong chart-technical buy signal for this title today: After a massive chart-technical hurdle had been set up at $ 14.20 / 14.64 since mid-February 2020, Ballard’s share price has been at $ 14.64 since the high of June 10 tried unsuccessfully, the title today jumps significantly above this hurdle. A daily high for the Ballard Power share at $ 15.32 has so far been quoted on the NASDAQ – at the same time the current share price of the Canadian group.

The buy signal is therefore clear. If the breakout in the course of trading is confirmed and confirmed on the closing price basis, a strong bullish impulse for Ballard Power shares would be in the market. The rising upper Bollinger band at currently $ 15.40 could then be the brand on which the further price gains are based. It will be difficult if the resistance zone, which has just been overcome, is steadily fallen below again – such a development could trigger profit-taking after the strong upward movement in recent weeks since the Corona low at $ 6.95.


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