Adventure Academy: “We are very optimistic for 2021”

Erlebnis Akademie presented the final annual figures on Monday with the balance sheet for 2019. The m: access-listed corporation confirms your previously announced figures. The company’s sales rose 7.5 percent to EUR 16.5 million and earnings before interest and taxes rose by around a quarter to EUR 2.9 million. “We are satisfied with 2019 as we have met our forecast and opened a new location in Slovenia,” said Christoph Blaß, CFO of Erlebnis Akademie AG.

The year 2020, on the other hand, looks different due to the corona pandemic. “It is still not possible to reliably predict what future developments will look like,” said the manager. “So we continue to assume that due to the constraints of the summer, we will not be able to work fully. As of today, the fact remains that we cannot make a forecast for 2020, ”says Blaß. By the end of May, all locations were back in operation and the construction of the new location on Usedom is progressing well.

“The number of visitors in June 2020 was still lower than in the previous year due to official restrictions, closed borders and the sometimes persistent rainy season, but we see overall good development here,” says Bernd Bayerköhler, CEO of the Erlebnis Akademie. “We are very optimistic about 2021 – provided there are no further corona-related restrictions.”

At a glance – Chart and news: Erlebnis Akademie


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