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It’s been a while since The Sandbox came out of the sandbox of its early youth. And yet, even when the serious things are just beginning, the project is already arousing the passions of an increasingly large community. It will be recalled that The Sandbox is a game forged on the Ethereum blockchain, based on plots of virtual land (“land” in English), which can be purchased, then on which players can build the buildings of their choice. In total, the game offers 166,464 of these virtual lands for sale to digital entrepreneurs. The game had already made a first sale in December 2019, which saw investors snatch 3,000 plots of land in just four hours.

Today, find with Alex Chkirate, our stainless podcaster a 2-part interview with S├ębastien Borget, founder of The SandBox.

The SandBox, chronicle of an announced success

The Sandbox, we were already talking about it a few months ago, and we had already been impressed by the spectacular success of the Ethereum-based project, built on the purchase, exchange and development of plots of land in a virtual environment (LAND).

The first presale of TSB took place in december 2019. In just four hours, more than 3,000 LAND plots have been sold. The second operation of this type which took place this February 16 saw the sale of 6,192 LAND plots and reported to society 800 ETH, is around $ 206,000. The next sale opens on June 30, and there is no doubt that it will again be a great success.

To better discover the project, discover an interview in two parts of S├ębastien Borget, founder of The Sandbox, whose words are collected by Alex Chkirate as part of the show Block Interview.


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