Research: workload of content professionals has increased since corona

Still, the strategy is falling short of content expectations: more than half of organizations have not yet adjusted their online marketing strategy and goals since the corona crisis.

Maarten Fokkelman, founder and CEO of Crossphase, says: ‘It is striking that the majority of the organizations surveyed do not seem to have changed their content strategy since the corona crisis. Of the larger organizations, with more than 1,000 employees, even eight in ten do not change the content strategy. That’s a shame, because now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities of digitization. ‘

According to Fokkelman, the figures underline that content teams have difficulty with their visibility in the organization. “As a result, they have a limited influence on decisions made by senior management. Fortunately, due to the corona crisis, content is higher on the agenda. Now is the time to move on: content teams can internally emphasize in conversations that content innovations such as chatbots enrich the customer experience. “

One in five content professionals indicates that there is a stop in hiring externals due to the crisis. Six out of ten content and online professionals report that the workload has increased since the corona crisis, while only sixteen percent have decreased their workload. Fokkelman: “That content professionals are busier than before the corona crisis can be explained by the fact that about forty percent of the respondents respond more often to current events.”

The changes that have often been made are new sections or pages on the site (77 percent), adjusting the homepage (70 percent), additional newsletters and adjusting the FAQ (57 percent). Fokkelman: ‘Only one in four organizations has started setting up chatbots or expanding the dialogs of chatbots. That’s a shame, because organizations miss out on an opportunity to make customer contact scalable. ‘

The full research report can be downloaded here.

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