Pantaflix: 2021 should bring black numbers

The pandemic is affecting Pantaflix’s businesses. Scheduled shooting cannot start or continue. This will lead to shifts and delays in film productions. As a result, sales will also be affected.

A decline in sales is expected. Society still wants to improve the result. You work on efficiency and optimization measures. The company structure may change. A refocusing on the core competence of content creation cannot be excluded. This would particularly affect the VoD business.

The SMC Research analysts incorporate this into their model. They continue to issue the “speculative buy” rating for Pantaflix shares. The price target for media paper drops from 4.60 euros to 3.30 euros.

In the current year, the analysts expect sales of EUR 21.9 million (2019: EUR 28.7 million). There should be a loss per share of EUR 0.22 (2019: EUR -0.50). The estimates for 2021 stand at 33.9 million euros or +0.02 euros.


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