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COVID-19: NSIA Vie ASSURANCES launches an “online school” for the children of its members

With the closing of classes, education is one of the areas most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. NSIA Vie ASSURANCES, member of the NSIA Group has therefore set up an educational digital platform for the children of its members.

The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 has changed the habits of the whole planet. The barrier measures imposed to prevent the spread of this disease have led to a mass digitization of social relations. And many companies have had to show ingenuity to adapt and even improve services and benefits. NSIA Vie ASSURANCES, member of the NSIA Group, has, for example, set up a ‘’ online school“NSIA Educas” for the children of its Insured. This educational platform offers students from primary to 12th grade the possibility of having access to courses in all subjects from home, to perform exercises, to participate in online classes and to benefit from the support of ‘a master or a teacher. And when we know that education is one of the sectors most affected by this health crisis with, in particular, the closing of classes, “NSIA Educas” is therefore a very appropriate solution. Especially since this digital platform covers both the Ivorian program and the French program, particularly in the so-called transversal and orientation disciplines (Mathematics, French, English, Physical Sciences, etc.). And to access this école ’online school’, each client will receive their access by email or sms and will be able to connect and register their children from the NSIA Vie ASSURANCES website:

After the deployment of its “Chap Chap” digital solutions composed of: the interactive kiosk, the extranet and the mobile application, the “NSIA Educas” offer is therefore another digital solution which will certainly help to improve the customer experience of NSIA Life INSURANCE.

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