“All they have here is just air”

In the scandal over accounts in the Philippines and the billions of the Dax group Wirecard that have disappeared, the trustee now speaks up – and raises serious allegations against the company.

In the Wirecard accounting scandal, the Filipino lawyer has now spoken out for the first time, whom Wirecard has indicated as a trustee for the administration of the ominous bank accounts. Mark Tolentino told local news portal “Rappler” that he felt himself a victim of the scandal.

He knew nothing about Wirecard’s account construction, and he never met Wirecard’s chief, Markus Braun, who had been arrested in the meantime. “I am not very familiar with the matter because I am not an equity expert,” said Tolentino.

However, Wirecard used its documents to make it appear in Germany that the company had two billion euros in accounts in the Philippines. “But the truth is: everything they have here is just air,” said Tolentino. The money in the accounts was “just enough to buy an iPhone.”

Ex-CEO has been arrested in the meantime

Accounts in the Philippines play a crucial role in the Wirecard balance sheet scandal. After the DAX company postponed the submission of its balance sheet again last Thursday, it came to light that around two billion euros should be in the Philippines.

But that later turned out to be wrong. In the end, Wirecard itself admitted that the accounts with “predominant probability” do not exist. CEO Markus Braun subsequently resigned from the balance sheet scandal and was arrested on Monday evening on suspicion of falsifying the balance sheet, was released on bail of five million euros.

“No experience with financial management”

According to Handelsblatt, Tolentino had meanwhile also commented on Wirecard on Facebook. In the post, which has since been deleted, he is said to have written that he had “no experience with financial management”. The fact that someone like him manages such gigantic sums is said to have been shown as ridiculous.

Most recently, the Philippine central bank had also commented on the events. Already on Sunday, she announced that the missing two billion euros were probably not in the Philippines.

Tolentino also told the Rappler portal that many disgruntled investors had contacted him. He had received “hundreds of hate messages and death threats” on his social media accounts. His website was also hacked. Tolentino said “Rappler” that he was now considering filing a complaint.


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