Agreement with union: Lufthansa announces austerity measures

At Lufthansa, a state corona rescue package is being voted on today. An agreement with the flight attendant union now provides for savings of more than half a billion euros.

Shortly before the extraordinary general meeting, Deutsche Lufthansa first agreed with the flight attendant union UFO on a savings package in the crisis. The package included a four-year protection against dismissal and a savings volume of over half a billion euros by the end of 2023, the cabin union announced on Wednesday evening. A large part of this comes from voluntary measures.

According to Lufthansa, the package of measures includes, among other things, the suspension of compensation increases, a reduction in flight hours with a corresponding reduction in compensation, and temporarily reduced contributions to company pensions. “With the crisis package that has now been resolved, the company can avoid operational layoffs for the 22,000 cabin employees of Deutsche Lufthansa AG for the period of the crisis,” said the airline.

“The announced downsizing will not only do without layoffs in the cabin, UFO and Lufthansa are now demonstrating responsible ability to agree and act after years of violent arguments,” said Daniel Flohr, UFO chairman. Agreements with the other unions are still pending. Despite a higher supply of income losses for Lufthansa pilots, the union cockpit union (VC) and Lufthansa have not yet agreed on a crisis package.

Lufthansa shareholders vote on Thursday on the multi-billion dollar government bailout package for the airline hard hit by the Corona crisis. It is likely to find a majority after the end of a day-long tremor. The UFO members still have to agree to the agreed package in a forthcoming ballot.

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