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Compound, flagship of the new generation of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has caused a sensation in recent weeks by seeing its value skyrocket in the wake of its listing.

Quickly added to the Coinbase platform, the COMP benefited from this additional boost to continue a most impressive climb. Coinbase took the opportunity to add this promising token to its section dedicated to learning, allowing customers of the platform to obtain free fractions of COMP in return for a small learning path.

Reminder : To register on Coinbase, the steps are simple. The French interface makes it easy, and just locate the green “start” button, located at the top right of the page to get started. A second option is to enter your e-mail address directly in the center of the page before clicking on “start”. Note that to benefit from $ 10 welcome for $ 100 purchase Bitcoin and crypto, you can go through this link.

Compound (COMP) added on Earn

You probably know the Earn program on the Coinbase platform. A system that allows you to get to know better a selection of crypto currencies, with the key a small reward in units of said crypto (from a few euros, to a few tens of euros, directly credited to the wallet of your account Coinbase: Since the start of the program, more than $ 100,000 has been distributed to the community.

Of DAI at Orchid (one of the new ones) going through Stellar or Tezos, the Earn program follows the same path:

  • An inscription on Coinbase
  • towards the section “Earn“/”Earn free cryptocurrencies with Coinbase Earn
  • You will be invited to join the survey, or to wait in waiting list.
Earn 9 dollars from Compound on Coinbase Earn

Once your participation has been confirmed, 3 short videos with a few questions will allow you to claim to a $ 9 reward in Compound token. And to cumulate the advantages, benefiting from $ 10 welcome for $ 100 purchase Bitcoin and crypto, it’s over here.

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