Wirecard: The American Fast Exit

Bank of America is known for always being heavily involved with Wirecard and for changing positions, whether ultimately in its own name or for customers, quite often and significantly. It is therefore not surprising that at the end of this week, which is more than turbulent for Wirecard, a corresponding message from the Americans appears.

In this case, the notification of voting rights relates to June 19. At the time it was already known that there was no EY attestation, the dramatic developments with the provisional detention of ex-CEO Braun and the bankruptcy of Wirecard only took place in the days after.

But on June 19, Bank of America significantly reduced its involvement in Wirecard. BoA’s stake in Wirecard was 5.36 percent before the reporting date, but last Friday it fell to 0.34 percent.

0.01 percent (previously: 0.35 percent) is held in shares. This corresponds to around 12,000 papers. The other 0.33 percent (previously: 5.01 percent) are different instruments. This is a right to use, call options, swaps and put options.

Wirecard shares are now losing 63.7 percent. On Xetra, the paper is quoted at EUR 1,281.


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