Wirecard bankruptcy: boon customers with problems, also at Apple Pay – Bank comments

Wirecard’s bankruptcy has long since reached the shareholders with the drastic price crash of the Aschheimer Group share. Now the customers of Wirecard’s division “boon.” the consequences of bankruptcy. More and more users report on the short message service that their “boon.” Card is no longer accepted during payment processes. Payment was also declined when using Apple Pay with boon.

The reason is today Intervention by the British Financial Conduct Authority – FCA for short, together with part of the Bank of England the financial market supervisory authority in the United Kingdom. The FCA has prohibited Wirecard subsidiary Wirecard Card Solutions Limited, which is based in the United Kingdom, from continuing to carry out regulated activities. In addition, it was ordered, among other things, that Wirecard Card Solutions Limited must not sell any assets or funds. The authority wants to prevent the outflow of liquidity to the insolvent parent company Wirecard. The DAX-listed company announced bankruptcy yesterday and announced that it would also examine such applications for its subsidiaries.

So far, there have been no such applications for the subsidiaries, but there is apparently plenty of unrest among business and private customers of the company. So Wirecard Bank points out again today in a statement, “That Wirecard Bank AG is not part of Wirecard AG’s insolvency proceedings”.

“BaFin has already appointed a special representative for Wirecard Bank AG. Since then, the approval processes for all payments by the bank have only been within the bank and no longer at group level. Cash outflows to the insolvent Wirecard AG and subsidiaries are prevented, ”continues the most important subsidiary of the DAX group, which also includes the banking license of BaFin and the licenses of the two most important cooperation partners of the group, the credit card companies Mastercard and Visa . “We do not expect our operational processes in payment processing to fail for our trading partners. We are in an intensive exchange of information with our partners such as Visa and Mastercard, ”says the company.

Important for boon customers: During “boon.” is published by Wirecard Card Solutions Limited, Wirecard Bank AG is behind the “boon.planet” offer. This also seems to be causing additional confusion at the moment.

Wirecard Bank also points out that the deposits are being secured. The company is a member of the statutory deposit insurance scheme, which protects private individuals’ credit up to EUR 100,000 per customer. In addition, Wirecard Bank AG is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund (ESF) of the Federal Association of German Banks (BdB) as a voluntary deposit guarantee. A total of deposits per customer of up to 19.7 million euros are secured, it says.

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