Qiagen: ArcherDX sale brings three-digit million profit before tax

Qiagen could make a profit in the hundreds of millions from the sale of its stake in ArcherDX. The biotech company previously held a minority stake in the company that is worth $ 20 million in Qiagen’s books. The Dutch-German company now estimates that the pre-tax capital gain could be approximately $ 120 million.

The basis is the negotiated conditions for the merger between Invitae and ArcherDX. “In accordance with the terms of the merger agreement announced by Invitae, Invitae ArcherDX will receive a consideration consisting of 30 million Invitae shares and $ 325 million in cash, as well as up to 27 million additional Invitae shares to be paid depending on the achievement of certain milestones , acquired. The consideration is subject to customary purchase price adjustments, ”said Qiagen.
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