Wirecard: A big surprise

The general public assumed that Markus Braun, the former CEO of Wirecard, had held 7.07 percent of the company until last week. This was to be found on the side of society and was in all statistics. Even yesterday, various media had mentioned this number when it came to selling Braun’s shares.

Today’s surprise: Braun directly and indirectly held 8.04 percent in Wirecard. This follows from a voting rights announcement that Wirecard has just published.

On June 18, however, Braun had to part with a large share package. Wirecard had already reported this yesterday. The background was a margin call. As a result, Braun still held 4.94 percent of Wirecard as of the reporting date. That corresponded to around 6.1 million shares. 0.15 percent are held directly by him. He holds a further 4.79 percent through MB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH.

It is expected that Wirecard will soon publish another voting rights announcement, since Braun also sold shares on June 19. In addition, the former CEO is no longer listed on the Wirecard website among the eight largest shareholders who each hold more than 3 percent of Wirecard.

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