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Since 2019, Lamborghini uses blockchain to certify its cars. One service worth another, it’s now the automotive industry’s turn to “push” cryptos and blockchain. For Land Rover, Bitcoin (BTC) deserved an advertising spot at its height, by bringing it on the path of history.

An all-terrain Bitcoin

A Land rover that mentions Bitcoin in one of its advertisements, a major media boost for cryptocurrencies.

In a video marking the brand’s 50th anniversary, Land rover shared the innovations and emblematic models of the label, while returning to the historical events of recent years.

The video mentions for example, the first heart transplant in 1967, the launch of MTV in 1981 the fall of the wall of Berlin in 1989 the invention of the Internet by Tim Berner in 1990 and, the creation of Bitcoin in 2009.

The narrator takes the opportunity to be particularly flattering towards Bitcoin, describing it as the currency of the future.

It will be recalled that a little earlier, at the start of 2020, Bitcoin had already been the subject of a whole segment in the popular television show, the Simpsons, not to mention its mention in the futuristic and cyber-punk universe of Altered Carbon where BTC appears squarely as the official currency.

“When, Land Rover sir?”

This advertisement is not the first foray of the British firm – which now belongs to the Indian Tata Motors – in the cryptosphere.

In 2019, Land rover had announced that it was testing software to collect information on driver navigation data.

In exchange for access to this data, users were rewarded by receiving tokens IOTA.

The firm has started to develop a smart wallet integrated into its vehicles. When drivers launch the software, traffic information such as traffic jams, obstacles or accidents is automatically collected and transmitted to the road authorities. The tokens will then be automatically deposited into the corresponding wallets.

Bitcoin has more drive wheels and horses than a Land Rover, a feature that makes the strength of the dean of cryptos, accustomed to moving on difficult terrain. Is Bitcoin revolutionizing finance or has it already done so? Despite its high potential for disruption, Satoshi Nakamoto’s baby has not yet acquired the same legitimacy as the Internet. More and more countries and companies are rolling out the red carpet for blockchain projects, while Bitcoin remains the enemy to be cut down for governments.


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