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The AVA project, we have already had the opportunity to discuss it on Cryptocurrencies as the team has known in recent months to be convincing in its convictions. The challenge: to offer nothing less than a new breed of Blockchain, capable of bringing to life what still belongs to the Technological Holy Grail: an Internet of value, potentially as innovative as the emergence of the World Wide Web 30 years ago. Today the team unveils the final name of its future token, both to embody its technological approach in depth, as well as to clarify its brand positioning. The opportunity for an in-depth re-branding.

The Avalanche project in order of battle, code “AVAX”

While the public sale of the Avalanche project may soon be officially announced, to the delight of an increasingly large international community gathered behind the project, what we used to call the “AVA Project” has just ” announce a rebranding of the most strategic: it will now be necessary to talk about the AVAX token.

It is indeed via a Medium post that the news has just fallen. Exit AVA, welcome to AVAX, which takes on the role of the backbone of the Avalanche protocols. Nothing else changes, the teams remain, just as much as the internal architecture, notably the AVA Labs

Rebranding of the AVA token (AVALANCHE) which becomes AVAX

Kevin Sekniqi, Co-founder of the project explains things in more detail:

“Over the past year, the project has grown considerably. From a community that spans a large number of countries to a testnet that involved more than a thousand validators […] As we complete the final preparations for the launch of the main network, we have realized that the growth of this community will soon exceed the framework that we have built for our brand. It has become very evident that we have to simplify the brand so that it becomes what it has always been. “

“AVAX, the native symbol of Avalanche, celebrates the many ideas and achievements that continue to converge around the project and at its intersections. The X, symbol and constant reminder that the network, although decentralized and global, is only of value insofar as it makes it possible to create links. “

Restoring a specific identity to a token that could be talked about in the coming months became urgent. Indeed, in addition to the interest of forging a strong identity around a iconic ticker (a ticker is the trigram which characterizes an active crypto like BTC or ETH, a little visual identity which ends up embodying an active in the collective unconscious), it was also advisable to avoid a major pitfall: the possible confusion with a another crypto currency also known as the AVA ticker: the Travala project.

Things being cleared up, the protagonists formally baptized, the serious things will be able to start shortly with the imminent public sale, heralding the passage of the Avalanche project from attractive project to actor who weighs in the game. An evolution that Cryptocurrencies will follow for you with attention.

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