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Impossible to have missed the big news of yesterday: persistent rumors, several sources “close to the file”, and especially an event which would seem finally to return to the natural order of things: Paypal would prepare to integrate Bitcoin and currencies cryptos in its ecosystem, making them accessible to its 325 million customers. Obviously, the corridors of the crypto community are buzzing for thousands of conversations and conjectures on the subject with a common consensus: if the news were confirmed, it could be likely to explode the course of Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole. Until what point ?

Slowly but surely

So we were obviously talking about it yesterday and if all this does not yet reveal the rumor, no one is fooled any more: while the entire global payment industry discreetly puts itself in battle order to take the turn of the blockchain and crypto economy, see Paypal positioning yourself on the subject is just a matter of time. And the official Bitcoin account takes full note of this:

Paypal therefore, which would bring several hundred million of its customers into the ecosystem, making Bitcoin accessible to a new audience would necessarily embody a major event on the road to adoption and democratization.

However, would this convergence be likely to propel the price of the queen of digital currencies? Many seem to believe it among the main players in the community, even already defining a horizon: a Bitcoin at 12,000 dollars, a necessary and essential threshold to pave the way for the rest of history.

Bitcoin at 12,000 dollars, goal and starting point

This is a good opportunity to recall a parameter that we were already mentioning last May, Bitcoin MUST on average exceed $ 12,000 to allow most of its miners to remain profitable. This course is not only constituting an exit from the top of a painful tidy $ 9,000 – $ 10,000 which has only lasted too long (more than 5 weeks!) But also embodies an important limit, that where a resistance will become support (range, support, resistance …. on the Trading grandstand of my young friend Cryptodidact to grasp the basics around a glass of milk).

So, for the trader with 25,000 followers Georges, the last bears could well disappear with the 9000, the interested party seeing the 12000 quickly erasing an excess of $ 10 000.

Michaël van de Poppe, US CoinTelegraph crypto media analyst is on the same line: the 12,000 had not seemed so close in a long time.

After this little morning topo, count on the very effective Zoe de la Roche to talk again about the subject at the end of the afternoon on the occasion of the update on the Bitcoin price of the day. What seems certain is that the alchemy of the Bitcoin-Paypal duo has yet to show us anything about its potential effects.

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