Aixtron share: Now possible setback risks increase – chart analysis

Technically, today’s Aixtron share has a lot of light to offer, but also shade. In the course of trading so far, the Aachen company’s share certificate has managed to break out of chart hurdles between EUR 9.850 / 10.096 and EUR 10.246 / 10.26. However, the company’s share price fails in the further course of trading due to the breakout across a resistance zone that extends around the core brand at EUR 10.446 / 10.550.

After a daily high for Aixtron shares in XETRA trading at EUR 10.54, the paper is currently “only” at EUR 10.42.

This means that the setback from the daily high is not yet so great that the break chances at the hurdles around 10.446 / 10.550 euros and above are completely shelved. But now that a down gap from the Corona crash has been closed at EUR 10.096 / EUR 10.446, the risk of setbacks increases with the current development. However, there are still no significant rebreaks among the signal marks around the 10 euro mark that have just been overcome, which could give rise to selling pressure.

Important technical chart data for the Aixtron share:

Last share price: 10.42 euros (stock exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)

Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): 9.163 euros / 10.305 euros
EMA 20: 9.734 euros
EMA 50: 9.459 euros
EMA 200: 9.234 euros

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