Plus names 6 heroes in the range of shops

By giving these products a stage, Plus shows its customers what ‘Good Food stands for’. The product is the hero, Plus said

Extra proud
According to the retailer, these are products that the supermarket is very proud of. “These are products with a good story about the quality, about the taste, about the origin. Or about the love with which it is made. “

Healthy heroes
The heroes of Plus are their own apple pie, banana rolls made of fresh dough, Plus’s meals from the kitchen, the ‘Stoer & Stevig’ baguette and Lagorai raspberries. The bananas are always fair trade, the apple pie is baked fresh daily according to a unique recipe, the meals make it easy to eat well, the baguette is rustic and the raspberries are extra sweet, juicy, large and firm.
(PvWK, sources: Plus, Distrifood)

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