Economy & Politics podcast “We all completed a crash course in digital education”

Ada Pellert has been the rector of the Hagen Open University and professor of education management since 2016Volker Wiciok

Math lessons with zoom, school assignments from the cloud and vocabulary training via audio files – there were numerous creative approaches to teaching at schools and universities in the lockdown. But there was also a lot of frustration: about submerged teachers who only send assignments, frontal lessons with jerky videos and lost parents and children. At the end of the school year and semester, many are exhausted.

“We have all taken a crash course in digital education, with ups and downs – we now have to preserve the heights,” said Ada Pellert, Rector of the Fernuniversität Hagen since 2016, in the Podcast “The Zero Hour” by, Stern and n-tv. She spoke of a “revolution in learning” and said: “Returning to the status quo would not be a contemporary understanding of education.”

“The education sector has had to experiment a lot,” said Pellert, who is also on the German government’s digital council, and praised what many schools and universities had done. “What we had theoretically discussed for years, sometimes with a defensive attitude, simply had to be done now.” It had also become clear that many teachers had previously been left alone with their experiences. “We need much more determined skills development in all areas of education.”

It is important that the previous formats are not simply cast into digital channels. “If a frontal lecture is not interesting, it will not become more interesting if you see it in a semi-professional video.” In the future you will need a mixture of both forms, digital tools and face-to-face classes. “The average German university will continue to be a face-to-face university,” said Pellert, who has been a professor of education management in international comparative education and university research since the 1990s, with positions in Beijing, Berlin, Graz and Klagenfurt.

In the new episode of “Zero Hour”, you can hear why schools should decide on-site and why universities are important for the marriage market either directly from Audio Now, Apple or Spotify or via Google.

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