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Wirecard & Co. Six companies, six accounting scandals

“Möbelkönig” Rolf Demuth (left) in court in 2011dpa

Wirecard has been suspected of manipulating the balance sheet for months; Only recently there was a raid on the company’s headquarters. Wirecard has always rejected the allegations. A special report by KPMG’s auditors, which was published at the end of April, was unable to substantiate the allegations against the Dax group due to a lack of access to company documents – but also could not refute them.

The subsequent investigation by EY was supposed to relieve the group that had climbed into the Dax in autumn 2018. The attestation for the annual report should provide clarity, but the opposite was the case. Instead, news of the renewed delay caused Wiredcard’s stock to plummet.

Even if the looming scandal seems historical: Even before Wirecard, some companies were already making headlines with financial irregularities and suspected falsified balance sheets. has compiled six examples of accounting scandals:

Six companies, six accounting scandals


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