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Created in 2014 in Japan, bitFlyer has quickly established itself as the benchmark exchange in Asia. It proudly displays the number 1 trading position in Japan in terms of trading volumes, the main metric when comparing the different platforms on the market. Since 2018, bitFlyer has invested in the European and French market. It therefore offers two types of services which will be discussed in more detail in this article. A first platform for beginners. A second “bitFlyer Lightning” more specifically dedicated to more experienced traders.

Warning : This article is offered to you in partnership with society bitFlyer. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

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BitFlyer, much more than an exchange

Founded by two alumni of Goldman sachs, bitFlyer is above all a Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies exchange but it’s not THAT.

The firm also wants to develop activities in the industry blockchain wider. It is in this context that we find bitFlyer in the news in recent weeks.

Indeed, during the crisis of Covid-19, and in the context of the situation of telecommuting forced for thousands of businesses around the world, bitFlyer has developed a solution of secure remote voting by blockchain technology. An offer that will surely find its market given the evolution of the number of companies opting for a “remote” version of the work.

The US division of bitFlyer was she, distinguished on the occasion of the last “Bitcoin Pizza Day” which celebrated on May 22nd the ten years since the first Bitcoin purchase was made. At the time, the 10,000 Bitcoins transaction made it possible to buy a pizza in the restaurant chain Dad John’s. Amazing when you think about it right?

To celebrate this day properly, and to mark his involvement in the crypto community, the leaders of bitFlyer US have decided to distribute pizza for free to the most disadvantaged in the shelters for SDF. A high class action for the giant bitFlyer therefore.

Finally, to improve its entry into the European market bitFlyer, fortified by its successes in Asia, wanted to study the market in depth. It’s done thanks to an annual study called “Crypto Confidence”. This aims to gauge the confidence of respondents in cryptocurrencies. The study revealed this year has made it possible to highlight the fact that 63% of Europeans firmly believe in the development of cryptocurrencies over the next 10 years.. A good argument to go and trade cryptocurrencies on bitFlyer.

Registering on bitFlyer is child’s play

Home page of the Bitflyer site which allows you to enter your e-mail to start registration.
Registration in a few minutes on Bitflyer

When you reach the home page of the platform bitFlyer, nothing’s easier. Just enter your e-mail address in the dedicated section. Registration for bitFlyer starts as easy as subscribing to a newsletter.

As soon as you have entered your e-mail address, you will be informed that it is necessary to verify it. Nothing new here. We will nevertheless appreciate the redirection link of bitFlyer to your mailbox for a ultra fast verification.

Then define Your password and fill in your personal data and your mobile number. The latter is necessary so that bitFlyer can perform double authentication.

Once your mobile phone has been verified, the exchange offers you to carry out a deposit up to 250 euros. In order to start buy and trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at once. So no need to take extra time to verify your identity by having to rummage through your ID, take a selfie, well, you know what I’m talking about. BitFlyer saving you from the registration process which can sometimes take too long.

Identity verification will however be required if you wish to make deposits of more than 250 euros. And if you also want to set up a “Trader Pro”. It is up to you to see.

Getting started with the bitFlyer exchange

Dashboard of your account Bitflyer presenting the courses cryptomonnaies available for purchase and sale on the platform.
A simple and readable dashboard on your bitFlyer account

A few minutes after initiating your registration, you are already on your personal dashboard. You will be able to see at a glance the price of the various assets that you can buy and sell via bitFlyer. Obviously we find the essential Bitcoin. However, if you wish to venture into the terrain of Altcoins. This will also be possible with the entire panel of the main cryptocurrencies at the bow Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin but also Bitcoin Cash.

There are also two others Altcoins rarer on exchanges than are the Monacoin and Lisk. With the Monacoin, we immediately find the Japanese roots of the platform. Indeed, the cryptocurrency which displays a cat head for logo in a purely Japanese style happens to be the first crypto currency officially recognized by the Japanese authorities. On the other hand, Lisk is a cryptocurrency that was created by two Ethereum alumni. It offers construction technology for Dapp, decentralized applications for developers. A cryptocurrency also full of promise therefore for the developers and users of these dapps.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin on bitFlyer

Page dedicated to the purchase and sale of Bitcoin on Bitflyer.
Page dedicated to buying and selling Bitcoin

Find a good cryptocurrency buying and selling platform it’s a bit like finding a good restaurant. There are a myriad of restaurants, which offer the same dishes, based on the same ingredients but only the best manage to offer the simple and effective dish that we know how to recognize at the very moment when the waiter presents it to you at the table.

It’s that feeling of arriving at a great restaurant – or rather an excellent platform – which comes to mind with this Bitcoin buy and sell page. Indeed, everything is there. Also, if this is your first time on the page, bitFlyer offers a guided tour of the owner to review the different features.

Beyond the buying and selling courses practiced by the platform, what is interesting to observe is transaction history. Here we find the very essence of Bitcoin and blockchain technology: traceability and transparency. BitFlyer here takes the opposite view of exchanges which have the bad habit of artificially inflating their trade volumes to attract new customers.

In addition, by highlighting all the transactions carried out on the platform, bitFlyer provides significant visibility into what is known as “market sentiment”. So if you’re just starting out, you can see at a glance whether the market is more for buying or selling.

Once again, it’s easy to place a purchase order. Enter the amount in Bitcoin, view the amount in euros and click on the green button. The purchase order is made and the amount of your wallet will be credited with new bitcoins. All of this can be viewed on your dashboard.

Module to choose the amount of Bitcoins to invest or sell.
Module to choose the quantity of Bitcoin to buy or sell

Finally, create alerts and follow the evolution of the Bitcoin price according to several time levels. So if you are not the type to remain fascinated by the evolution of the price of Bitcoin, set an alert to connect at the best time, so as to complete your buy or sell order on the Bitcoin.

Heading to set an alert on the price of Bitcoin.
Set audio or email alerts

BitFlyer Lightning, complete universe for experienced trader

If the simple buying and selling features of the platform bitFlyer are not enough for you bitFlyer Lightning, which takes the same name as the new generation network of Bitcoin, will satisfy your desires to trade.

View dashboard Bitflyer lightning for experienced traders.
The bitFlyer Lightning dashboard for
to experienced traders

On this version of bitFlyer intended for the more experienced, you will be able to visualize in detail the evolution of the course, m

and set up price lines in order to carry out further analyzes. It is also possible to follow the evolution of the volume of trade in real time as well as the evolution of prices.

But bitFlyer Lightning goes a little further than the simple interface for professional trader. You will also have access to a key API allowing you automate buy and sell orders. Welcome to a mode of automated trading so. The use of this functionality will be reserved for insiders.

Finally, to bring a playful side but also competition between traders, bitFlyer offers a leaderboard which presents the most efficient traders of the place. So will you be able to enter the top traders on bitFlyer? Before you start, go to the trading platform of Cryptodidacte to know its good practices!

View of the best traders on the ranking Bitflyer Lightning.
The ranking of the best traders on bitFlyer Lightning

Some of the lowest fees on the market!

If you are still not convinced by the bitFlyer platform, the fees charged will decide you. Indeed, the fees for depositing on the platform by bank transfer SEPA are free on bitFlyer. If you opt for the bank card option, these costs will be 1.95% + a fixed rate of 0.30 euros. These fees therefore place bitFlyer as one of the most advantageous exchanges. So don’t wait any longer and discover all the features of bitFlyer for yourself creating your account. We may end up on the cat bitFlyer Lightning to discuss the likely course of the price Bitcoin !

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Conclusion: A favorite for bitFlyer!

A registration in a few clicks, really fast which allows you to discover the features in a few minutes. Designed ergonomics and ultra easy to use for beginners and a dedicated platform for more experienced traders. BitFlyer is a real favorite that will make you appreciate the trading of Bitcoin and altcoins offered by the exchange! To register on the platform, it’s here.

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