SPECTACULAR NEWS! This company encounters world class nickel grades! The world’s largest deposit is probably here! Further course gains are inevitable!

News bomb after the market closes! Huge nickel deposit confirmed again! Share starts to soar! Do not hesitate a day longer!

The nickel bull starts now!

This is now happening very quickly, because there are only a few good companies that have promising and above all large economic projects!

We found such a company! The current grenade announcement underlines the potential for one of the world’s largest deposits! Huge investment opportunity!

Nickel has always been in demand as a raw material. And that will probably remain so for a long time, and will even increase significantly in the long term! Why? There is simply not enough nickel and therefore there is an enormous squeeze every few years! You have to catch and use it!

In the coming years, Nitesh Shah, an analyst at WisdomTree, will see the nickel market grow from the current 2.3 million tonnes to up to four million tonnes in 2040. The reason for this was the strong demand in the battery market. In addition to increasing electrification, nickel is becoming increasingly important as a battery component. Because with a higher nickel content in batteries, energy can be stored better, which also significantly increases the important range for electric cars.

The Freiburg Öko-Institut recently estimated the global reserves at around 74 million tons. If you consider that the global consumption was already stated as 2.2 million tons in 2017, that doesn’t seem to be much. These long-term prospects therefore speak for a further sharp rise in the price of nickel.

If the experts’ forecasts come true and consumption increases significantly more than many expect, the nickel rally is only just beginning.

According to experts, in the long term USD 24,000 per ton are possible. The nickel price is currently quoted at just around USD 12,630 per ton.

This forecast is almost 100% above the current price – you can imagine what the corresponding nickel stocks will do in such a scenario!

The M&A takeover battle in the hotly contested nickel sector has already begun – and our nickel giant sits on a $ 32 billion cobalt and nickel treasure, in which the high-grade platinum and palladium deposits have not even been considered!

Before we get to the brand new, spectacular press release from the world-class nickel company, Canada Nickel Company (WKN: A2P0XC / TSX-V: CNC) come, we would like to point out a current trend in the sector:

Last Friday, the large Australian base metal producer Western Areas announced a strategic stake of 19.9% ​​in the nickel company Panoramic Resources (link here)

But Western Areas is certainly not alone in looking for exciting nickel projects. Already in January of this year, the almost 3 billion AUD IGO Limited publicly expressed its great interest in M&A (see link).

It is always a strong sign when industry insiders such as nickel producers are looking intensively for promising projects in order to be able to expand their production.

And it is the unmistakable signal for you as an investor to start looking for suitable stocks. Time is short, because soon everyone wants to go to the market!

There are few nickel projects as promising in a politically stable and mining-friendly region as the attractive ‘Crawford’ project from Canada Nickel Company (WKN: A2P0XC / TSX-V: CNC). And the geological potential has not even been explored. We are certain that Canada Nickel’s ‘Crawford’ project has world class quality features and that society controls an entire district.

The world-class explorer and project developer has already defined £ 4.9 billion of nickel, plus significant cobalt, palladium, platinum and iron ore resources.

The cobalt and nickel resources alone have a current market value of a staggering $ 32 billion – or $ 471.39 per share!

So position yourself in good time before the bidding war for the best nickel projects, such as that of our nickel pearl Canada Nickel, begins! Only then will you realize rapid price gains of several hundred percent!

What do you think will happen to the few top nickel stocks when, like in 2007, increasing physical demand for nickel meets a scarce supply of goods (and low stocks)?

Exactly: An explosive price movement in the nickel price – it rose from November 2006 to May 2007 from USD 31,210 per ton to USD 51,854 per ton!

Source: Markets Bussiness Insider

There are thousands of precious metal exploration companies, but few companies focus on base metals such as nickel. Therefore, first-class nickel companies are extreme rarities on the course list and have an enormous lever on the nickel price.

In the last nickel boom, Australian Panoramic Resources jumped rapidly by over 400% within one year! We expect a similarly rapid price development at Canada Nickel Company.

During the project development phase in 2002 and 2003, the stock could even be collected below AUD 0.30. Smart nickel investors with foresight were able to do so in just a few years Price gains of over 1,600% to earn!

Source: Yahoo Finance

Canada Nickel is your next possible nickel jackpot share with similar potential! Don’t miss the ideal start time at the moment!

The Canada Nickel Company (WKN: A2P0XC / TSX-V: CNC) is owned by a world-class nickel-cobalt-sulfide project called ‘Crawford’, which is located in the heart of the productive ‘Timmins-Cochrane’ mine in Ontario, Canada. Due to the mining history of the region, which dates back more than 100 years, the project has an excellent infrastructure.

At what breathtaking pace the project is growing can be seen from the latest drilling results! It was only on June 12, 2020 that the company enlarged the ‘East’ zone of its huge ‘Crawford’ project with top results by 340 m in a vertical direction, with consistently high grades and thicknesses!

The best drilling results in the ‘East’ zone have been so far 1.8 g / t palladium and platinum, divided into equal parts (0.9 g / t Pd, 0.9 g / t Pt) over 4.5 m split up. Another high grade section was hit, the 0.7 g / t palladium and platinum (0.4 g / t Pd, 0.3 g / t Pt) over 18 m in 450 m Delivered depth.

But that all seems to be just the beginning. Because the results presented yesterday during a trading suspension put all previously delivered results in the shade !!!

‘Infill’ drilling shows the potential of higher quality cores on the ‘Crawford’ nickel-cobalt-palladium project

The first ‘infill’ holes within the ‘main’ zone can be booked as maximum successes. Because the nickel contents cut in it are around 33% above the already high nickel contents of the previous holes. Specifically, for example, in the hole CR20-42 0, 42% nickel, 0.017% cobalt and 0.06 g / t PGM over a core length of 306 m, from a depth of 43 m. Within this high grade area, even one more higher grade Section with 0.51% nickel, 0.019% cobalt and 0.07 g / t PGM over a core length of 27 m intersected.

Source: Canada Nickel Company

As a result, the entire hole produced 0.40% nickel, 0.017% cobalt, 0.05 g / t PGM over a core length of 361.5 meters !!!

Source: Canada Nickel Company

The focus of the ‘infill’ holes within the ‘main’ zone is on a clear upgrade of the higher grade core resource to create enough high grade tonnage that can be processed in the first years of the targeted production.

What the chairman and CEO says about the top result:

“This is a top result from our ‘Infill’ drilling program! This first drill hole produces nickel grades that are almost a third above our previous average high grade core resource level of 0.31% over the entire core length.

These early results underscore the potential of the higher grade core in our ‘main’ zone and reinforce our belief that the ‘Crawford’ project is one of the leading next-generation nickel-cobalt sulfide and palladium projects. “

Share further Canada Nickel (ISIN: CA13515Q1037 / WKN: A2P0XC / TSX-V: CNC) with that they want to present a resource update at the end of July, which will advance an upgrade of the higher-level core to use the preliminary economic analysis (‘PEA’), which is expected by the end of the year.

News flow ahead!

So far, Canada Nickel has drilled 14 infill holes, the results of which are still pending. These holes should be released in the coming month at the latest. One can be excited. Further top results should cheer the stock massively!

Our conclusion:

Canada Nickel (ISIN: CA13515Q1037 / WKN: A2P0XC / TSX-V: CNC) makes massive progress in the further development of his ‘Crawford’ project! With significantly more than $ 4 million in cash, exploration work can be done on a larger scale.

That should spur the stock price in the short term, especially since 14 completed boreholes are waiting to be released. We will definitely be presented with top results here in the coming weeks. With each additional top hole, the share price can explode extremely and even catapult the company into the focus of large investors who have not yet had this unknown value on their radar.

The latest small, but also necessary price correction after a brilliant rise, now enables investors to make a cheap new or purchase again! In our opinion, this stock belongs in every well-diversified mining portfolio.

So it stands to reason that with an onset of news flow, the discrepancy between increased metal prices and the somewhat lower share price is now quickly adjusting again!

Best wishes and maximum success with your investments!

Your JS research team

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