Share Tip of the Week: PVA Tepla

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The recovery movement of the PVA Tepla share has been slow since the Corona crash. Although the small cap was able to climb the double-digit price range again, there are always setbacks. With its innovative systems for vacuum, high temperature and plasma processes and for quality inspection, the company is operationally well positioned despite the pandemic. In the first quarter, PVA achieved an almost unchanged business volume with an operating profit increase of six percent.

The order situation also improved further. PVA counted new orders worth EUR 16.6 million. “We have not received any cancellations from customers and are entering the next quarters with a well-filled order backlog,” said CEO Alfred Schopf confidently.

Financially, PVA is also well positioned to continue growing in the future. Matelan Research analysts expect the company to double earnings per share by 2021 compared to 2019. As a result, a P / E ratio in the 20 range appears extremely favorable. The currently reduced course level offers a good opportunity to build up a position.

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