Wirecard: The latest US development

Today was a good day for Wirecard investors. The paper has increased by more than 5 percent and is again sustainably above the psychologically interesting threshold of 100 euros. However, today’s price development may just be a prelude to tomorrow’s developments. Then there should finally and finally be the 2019 annual report, which has been postponed several times. This also involves the auditors’ comments regarding the figures. This can cause course swings in this or that direction.

In the evening, Wirecard then brings a message of a different kind, which is almost routine. It is a notification of voting rights. Once again, Bank of America is the reporting company. BoA previously held 5.2 percent of Wirecard. According to the latest announcement, the Americans are increasing their share to 5.48 percent. This happened on June 9th.

The Americans are increasing their direct voting rights from 0.25 percent to 0.48 percent. The instruments are increased from 4.95 percent to 5.01 percent. As always, the mix is ​​similar. It is a retransfer right, call options, swaps, put options and futures.

Wirecard’s shares gained 5.1 percent in the evening to EUR 104.50.

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