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Craig Wright is in the news again. We suspect this time of having played an important role in the hack of the MT.GOX platform. After claiming authorship of Bitcoin. But also of the iPhone … We wonder how far will Craig Wright go? The character who embarrasses the entire Bitcoin community. Indeed, the latter has appeared for years as a notorious mythomaniac who represents everything that can be done worse in the crypto industry. So, immerse yourself in the universe of this Australian fiftieth who wishes again and again – including against the stacking of the absolute evidence – take ownership of the merits of creating Bitcoin.

Mythomania and legal setbacks in a mess even before the Bitcoin years!

When we do research on Craig Wright, you quickly realize that there are things that come up on a regular basis.

The first thing is mythomania.

Indeed, if we listen to this character tell the story of his life, he would be the inventor of Bitcoin but this does not end here. Indeed, on his personal website. It highlights dozens of academic and professional certifications whose authenticity is difficult to verify. The genius who will save the world would therefore respond to the name of Craig Steven Wright.

Take a closer look. We quickly realize that the biographical details of this man are largely false. As the PHD in Theology which he claims but which he does not mention the university that would have delivered him. Or his other PHD in computer science that he claims this time from the Australian University of Charles Sturt. This last denied having issued the said PHD.

Craig Wright in a gray suit, red tie with slick hair and a fleeting look.
Craig Steven Wright a.k.a Faketoshi

After mythomania, it is the legal setbacks that seem to punctuate the life of Craig Wright.

His concerns with justice begin in 2004 when the Australian Supreme Court sentences him to a month in prison for non-compliance with a commercial agreement. Craig Wright Repeatedly tried to appeal the decision, but to no avail. He was so convinced of his right that he appealed a second time, still without success. This story is typical of the character who seems to be closer to the caricature of the crooked entrepreneur than to the inventive genius of Bitcoin aka Satoshi Nakamoto!

About ten years later. His house will be stormed by Australian financial authorities. For new setbacks for his company at the time “Hotwire PE”. Which aimed to become the first bank Bitcoin in Australia. In 2015, Craig Wright as a good imposter thinks to be the hit of the century. This shot is that of to persuade the general public that he is indeed the person who acted behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Nickname which is quite simply at the origin of the creation of the Bitcoin in 2008. He is still being chased by the family of David Kleiman. His partner in the Bitcoin adventure, which accuses him of having stolen hundreds of thousands of bitcoins worth several billion dollars today.

The soap opera Faketoshi or how Craig Wright wanted to take over Bitcoin.

Even though the soap opera is not finished, we now know that Craig Wright is far from Satoshi Nakamoto.

But that’s what he tried to make everyone believe by 2015, 7 years after the creation of Bitcoin. All come today, The mystery around Satoshi Nakamoto is then immense and absolute.

So when the two magazines The Wired and Gizmodo come out of articles explaining that Craig Wright would be the inventor of Bitcoin who acted under the pseudonym Satoshi, the general public is ready to believe it!

Articles published by the two magazines highlight evidence provided anonymously by relatives of Wright. All the evidence in this first report will then be studied by specialists and all dismantled one by one!

Dorian Nakamoto who became the figure of Satoshi Nakamoto in spite of himself.
The figure of Satoshi (No resemblance to Craig Wright)

The damage is done. Craig Wright succeeded in associating his name with Satoshi Nakamoto and he intends to profit from it.

How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply by playing a funny merry-go-round. Since the identity of Satoshi is not known. He just appropriates it hoping that a part of the general public will be ready to believe it. But all his attempts turn out to be failures!

The media will then play Wright’s game. The Economist and the BBC who don’t know a lot about it when it comes to talking about Bitcoin, will both let them think in 2016 that he would be the origin of the Bitcoin. The article by The Economist highlights a private key that was quickly analyzed by the crypto specialist Dan Kaminsky as not being the property of Wright but a reused key. One more time it’s missed for Craig and his latent mythomania comes out in broad daylight. Then in the interview with the BBC he explains again to be Satoshi Nakamoto and that he will bring further evidence shortly. Evidence that will not happen, you will understand, never.

Craig Wright is the only one who is convinced that he created Bitcoin. So convinced that the latter goes so far want to patent the white paper published by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. This book which explains the creation and the functioning of the network Bitcoin. A patent he will not get from the US courts. In addition, all the scientific articles for which he claims authorship turn out to be mere plagiarism. So if there’s one thing Wright mastery is always believing in the saying “The bigger it is, the more it’s acceptable !”

The most hated character in the crypto community

Vitalik Buterin, the creator (the real one) of the network Ethereum explains at a conference that:

“Craig Wright is surely not at the origin of Bitcoin, because when you want to prove something and there are two possibilities to do it, one very simple to verify and the other very doubtful and complicated to verify , the fact of choosing the second option proves in itself the impossibility for him to prove what he claims to be. “

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum.

The other figure in the crypto community speaking out against Craig Wright’s lies and questionable actions is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. He explained in one of these tweet that

“Craig Wright was nothing more than a scam and investing in Bitcoin SV was like participating in a fraud. “

Changpeng Zhao, founder of Binance.

Putting his words into action, the exchange Binance then made the choice to no longer list Bitcoin SV. Craig Wright is therefore one of the characters most hated by the crypto community alongside the countless John Mcafee and Richard Heart who are also pretty good at training the three new riders of the Bitcoin apocalypse.

Bitcoin SV, split Bitcoin to rule better

Changpeng Zhao among other things, criticizes Craig Wright for seriously damaging the development of the Bitcoin. According to him all his actions and lies around Satoshi Nakamoto discredits the entire Bitcoin community.

Craig Wright has been campaigning for a division of the Bitcoin community for years.

Indeed, if Wright could not prove that he was the origin of Bitcoin, he is trying to catch up with the hard fork of Bitcoin. The Hard Fork of Bitcoin Cash was scheduled for November 2018. However, things did not go as planned and projects other than the BCH were launched. Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin SV. It is this last movement that Craig Wright bring, SV meaning Satoshi’s Vision.

Wright thus wishes to take advantage of the fork of the original Bitcoin to explain to the general public that the real Bitcoin is the Bitcoin SV which he completely personifies in a Craig Wright movement.

Bitcoin SV character incarnation.

If Satoshi is at the origin of Bitcoin which does not quote any nickname in its name. Bitcoin SV, which claims to be the genius creator, could actually be called Bitcoin CW for Craig Wright.

Bitcoin SV logo or Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision.
Bitcoin SV, the Hard Fork of Bitcoin supported by Craig Wright.

Thus, the portrait of Craig Wright takes on a new facet, that of enormous jealousy and of a gift for taking possession of things which he did not originate. Whether in this academic work, in the professional world and of course in the crypto industry.

As you can see, Craig Wright is a notorious megalomaniac and mythomaniac who, having used his talents to inflate his CV, wanted to see bigger, too big, by proclaiming himself the creator of Bitcoin. An affirmation that he still does not manage to demonstrate today and which puts him against a community of enthusiasts who is not fooled.

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