Invest in Bitcoin or Altcoins? “The question is quickly answered” Part.1 – Cryptocurrencies

If like the dashing entrepreneur whose recent statement adorns this article like an immortal maxim, you are not the type to ask big existential questions, this reading may not be for you.

Indeed, beyond the joke and the moment of frank fun that the person concerned and his affection a little too manifest clothes close to the body will have provided us all, the question of funds posed by the subject of the day is most serious and it could be worth you as an apprentice crypto-investor, some headaches.

Keeping in mind that the only real good tactical compromise will ultimately be yours, in all its particularities, we will start today a little overview of the fundamentals to keep in mind to decide this nagging question: In a logic of building crypto heritage, is it better to invest in Bitcoin, or place a few marbles on one or more of the multiple Altcoins that populate the market? The subject is fascinating, there are a lot of things to say, that is why we are going to divide this dossier into two parts. In today’s episode, place the lord of the place, King Bitcoin.

And as we are currently developing in the Mining Tribune, we will also place this reflection in this particular context: Is it better in 2020 to position ourselves in Bitcoin or Altcoin mining?

Warning : This article is offered to you in partnership with society Feel mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

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Little reminder on risk aversion (and tolerance)

So of course, if you’re already on the exciting, exhilarating path, but sometimes curvy, crypto investment, let’s agree it together: you already have a reckless investor profile and are not put off by the exotic. Let me congratulate you on that, you are demonstrating by doing this that you are not the wood of those who are satisfied with a bank book whose interests do not compensate for inflation, and not either the style to let your fiat money sleep under your mattress passively.

However, while evolving on these wild lands and still to conquer, you will present an ability to expose yourself to variable risk, which will be as much the result of your technical knowledge, your psychological profile, or your ability to resist – or on the contrary let you go – at FOMO and at FUD, the roller coaster of the crypto investor.

In other words, establish in all sincerity your own crypto investor profilewith the corollary the level of risk that you can absorb without losing ground – is essential before investing the first euro on a seductive crypto.

In order to calmly approach the subject, I encourage you to go through the 13 rules of the investor in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies which will give you (or remind you) some fundamentals.

Investing in Bitcoin: the choice of serenity

If you do not know anything about it, that you have just landed in the crypto sector but that for lack of sufficient perspective you are lost in the middle of an ocean of information, here is the best, and the only real investment advice that I would never allow to issue: invest in Bitcoin. Only Bitcoin.

Let’s be clear: nothing and no one can tell you with absolute certainty that Bitcoin is not going to collapse or lose interest as a result of the emergence of new technology coming – already – disrupt it, its value plummeting until it becomes zero again.

However, and excluding this fatal as much as radical destiny, if there were only one crypto currency left … it would be Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, the alpha and the Omega of crypto investment

This is the original cryptocurrency, the oldest, the hardest, the one with the most robust blockchain, forged over a decade where its solidity, resilience and relevance have never been seriously compromised. And if we qualify it “Digital gold”, it is precisely because it has all of its characteristics: rare, unalterable, complicated and time-consuming to produce, limited in quantity and of objective value.

As such, if you don’t even believe a little bit in the development potential of the crypto economic ecosystem, without even understanding anything about it yet: position yourself on Bitcoin, at least at first, and never stay too far from it.

Potential for increase / profitability

Bitcoin has seen its value multiplied exponentially in 10 years. And yet, this staggering rise hardly hides the fact that BTC literally worth a decade ago, if not the effort to undermine it to bring its blockchain to life and increase its potential.

However, as such, Bitcoin has ALREADY experienced most of its appreciation and it is literally, mathematically and economically impossible for BTC to experience this delusional progression again.

We will thus recall that with a value currently oscillating between 9 and 10 000 dollars, the total capitalization of Bitcoin is currently around $ 155 billion.

In other words, if Bitcoin is presented by consensus as being led to increase in value, this progression will be done according to a relative factor from now on. Certain estimates which one will qualify as “prudent” thus see the currency reach 100,000 dollars in the next few years.

Some see the queen of crypto prancing up to a million. Finally, the most maximalists will even tend to push the reflection even further: there could come a time when there would no longer be any sense in converting bitcoin into a fiat currency “Simple piece of debt and paper”.

Again, everything will be about the cursor. You might be convinced of the enormous potential of Bitcoin, without considering that it will alone neutralize the fiat economy, this is typically the position of a Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum.

So, for a “prudent” crypto investment, position yourself on Bitcoin. The BTC could still experience significant declines, even crashes, but you only have to see the speed with which the currency recovered from the flash-crash of last March to be convinced of its hardiness and its ability to shock absorption.

Bitcoin at $ 100,000 is therefore nothing unreasonable. This is a 10-fold increase in value (or a 1,000% increase if that speaks to you more), in other words, nothing at all related to the path already traveled).

Another amount that comes up often, it’s $ 250,000 Bitcoin.

Why this very precise figure? Simply because by reaching this price, the total capitalization of Bitcoin would be equivalent to half that of gold. A pretty symbol, as much as a form of achievement. Current courses multiplied by 25 (+ 3800%, once again nothing mind-blowing compared to the past). This is the position of billionaire Tim Draper.

Beyond these horizons, the forecasts become irrational and would imply such economic upheavals that the price of BTC would become almost a secondary subject …

Buy or mine Bitcoin?

The question is relevant, even if it calls for a contrasting answer which – as you can imagine – will depend on many parameters relating as much to your means, your living environment as the energy prices to which you have access. If you want to explore the strategic question of whether it is better to buy or mine Bitcoin, this article will answer most of your questions.

However, we will recall some generalities:

  • Mining Bitcoin profitably for an individual in France is almost impossible. In the unlikely event that by reason of motivation, investments and knowledge, you manage to slightly cross the profitability bar, the investment / gain ratio will be so minimal that it will be better to turn to the purchase direct.
  • On the other hand, going through mining professionals like Feel mining, you will benefit from an industrial context, economies of scale inaccessible to an individual, and the experience of a major player in the sector.

Thus, it must be agreed, if mining Bitcoin remains relevant in 2020 for an individual, it will be especially on the condition of hiring the services of a good, reliable partner, and at the rates studied.

Is about Feel mining, it is important to underline that the Grenoble company only remunerates itself on the gross production of the machines operated on behalf of its panel of customers. A fair deal so and the guarantee that the company necessarily works to be as profitable as possible for his community.

So if Bitcoin mining appeals to you, and you don’t have the time, context, or skills to set up an installation, Feel Mining will take care of everything for you, allowing you to benefit from regular production of BTC.

For more details, take a look at my article “Why I’m going to mine Bitcoin in Canada with Feel Mining”.

Antminer S19 and S19PRO to mine Bitcoin on the Feel Mining site

Note in passing that if you don’t know what to do with 100,000 euros lying on the bedside table, Feel Mining also offers support for setting up more substantial facilities within mining farms for the benefit of investors with higher ambitions.

And if you’re still not impressed, know that for 500,000 euros, Feel Mining will support you in setting up YOUR mining farm. Yes, just that (see the conditions on the site, “investors” section).


Finally, if for the moment your means are much more modest (rest assured, it will not last, we are all future crypto-millionaires!), Know that Feel Mining also offers solutions around what is called the “Cloud Mining”.

Behind this poetic term, understand that the company puts part of its mining capacities at your disposal as part of an annual contract.

This is a solution simple, very ergonomic and which allows you to start a Bitcoin miner career for a small fee. You get BTC ” without thinking about it “, immediately after validation of your purchase. The counterpart of this offer is a lack of obvious profitability. To be reserved therefore for a discovery of the subject and for those who simply want to start to accumulate sat smoothly (the decimal of Bitcoin). Learn all about “bitcoin mining in the clouds” here.

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To be continued

Thus ends the first part of the Bitcoin VS Altcoin folder. If you only had to remember one thing, it is that investing in Bitcoin almost corresponds to a patrimonial logic of “good father of the family” according to the expression used (a father of a family a little broken down and cypherpunk, but still ).

Next week, we are leaving the Bitcoin highway to venture on the Altcoin trekking tracks! You only live for the pump & Dump, to take off “To Ze Moon” (but without a helmet) is your most shameful fantasy and you want to experience the thrill of a 400% increase in assets in a few days? The next part is for you. It’s next week in the Mining Tribune on Cryptocurrencies.

Find all the old episodes of the Mining Tribune and learn how to finally become a profitable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency miner!

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