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Atari is back in the GAME: the company has taken control to embark on the crypto and blockchain adventure in the video game industry. No way to let Ubisoft win this game! Despite his age, Atari still has a few winning combos to become a game changer in this race to tokenize video games.

Betting: a breeze for Atari

Atari, an old man from the old video game industry, with the first games developed in the 1970s. The company is currently pursuing an expansion strategy around blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Atari had recently announced a partnership with the online betting company, Unikrn. This collaboration will allow Atari have privileged access to the sports betting platform; for his part, Unikrn will get the right to play the iconic games that have made the reputation ofAtari such as Centipede, Pong and Asteroids.

Unikrn in partnership with ATARI

The co-founder ofUnikrn, Rahul Sood, who previously held the position of CEO within Microsoft Ventures, said betting would be an important part of the world of online sports.

This partnership between Atari and Unikrn, only has benefits for the community Unikrn : Tokens ofAtari are intended to be usable on all service platformsUnikrn, whether for betting, for playing or for shopping.

In multiplayer mode

Unikrn is not the first company with which Atari partnered as part of its repositioning around the blockchain.

In May 2020, Atari had announced a collaboration with the company Arkane who specializes in integrating tokens into the video game industry.

Atari is also about to launch an ICO for the release of 2 cryptos: the token Pong that would be used for an operator license at Kenya and, the token Atari which would be integrated into the company’s future crypto-casino project.

Atari is building an ecosystem around its blockchain and crypto products. His allies should allow him to knock out his opponents and more easily pass each stage of his tokenization projects. Atari and its competitors will have to do without cheat code to succeed in their quest.


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