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We regularly talk about Sorare on Cryptocurrencies. And if we talk about it so regularly, it is that we are excited by the value proposition of the dynamic company that we find behind these playing cards proudly sporting tokenized football players. Blockchain magic (which will be reminiscent of the choco-frog cards of a certain young scar sorcerer), real performances in real-life championships make the characteristics of the cards increase and evolve accordingly which you acquire.

While one of these cards (Christian Ronaldo) is currently at auction and has already reached the pretty sum of nearly 10,000 dollars, it’s time for Sorare to announce that more than 400 players in the Korean K-League are coming on the virtual field!

The big crypto-foot news in brief

  • The K League, the South Korean football league, and Sorare, the blockchain fantasy football game, have signed a historic partnership to bring K League players and clubs to the blockchain
  • This K League initiative with Sorare aims to inspire more people to follow South Korean football and take an interest in the players of the league
  • The K League is the first Asian league to join Sorare. Sorare officially launches in South Korea by creating blockchain cards for players in this league.
K League 1 •

Seoul & Paris, June 18, 2020 (press release): All K League players are going to be tokenized and listed on the Sorare fantasy football platform as digital collectibles from June 18.

Sorare operates digital collectibles in the world’s most famous sport to create a new way for football fans to interact with their favorite players.

For the first time ever, fantasy football managers will now be able to play and win with K League players, turning their passion into in-game rewards. Collecting players from South Korea is part of the initiative to attract more people around the world to follow the K League. This is the second football league to join Sorare after the Belgian Jupiler League more than 43 renowned football clubs such as the Juventus, the Atlético from Madrid,Olympique Lyonnais, the FC Porto or the betis Seville.

We remind you: on Sorare, the players are represented by limited edition digital cards: player cards.

The 10,000 dollar card on Sorare

Blockchain technology (Ethereum) is used to guarantee authenticity and the scarcity digital collectibles. For each player and each season, Sorare issues a single player card, ten Super Rare player cards and 100 Rare player cards.

This week Sorare issued the Cristiano Ronaldo. Its auction price is already over $ 10,000. These cards are then used in the game to participate in the competition every week and can also be traded on the secondary market or on other digital collection platforms.

Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare, explains:

“We have seen a growing interest in the K League within our community of Sorare managers, especially since football has resumed there. Football in South Korea is booming and we are proud to be able to contribute to it. This partnership is a key step in our vision to create a global fantasy football game. ”

For its part, YeonSang Cho, General Manager of the K League, welcomes:

“We are pleased to announce that the K League will participate in the fantasy game of Sorare using blockchain technology, one of the engines of the 4th industrial revolution, because we hope to bring more joy to our fans through this game We ask you to continue to show your interest and support for the K League and Sorare “

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